Top 10 Best Puffer Jackets for Women in 2022


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November 29, 2022

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It’s hard to realize it’s time to prepare for the next chilly weather. Even if you may already be wearing warm cardigans and fall-themed headwear, you should think about other autumnal options once you start to feel a chill that is too strong for a denim jacket but not quite cold enough for a coat. Among them is a puffer jacket! Puffy layers can be intimidating, we know. You want to feel comfortable but don’t want to damage your clothes or fit yourself poorly. We can help with that! You can get the best puffer jackets for women right here that will keep you warm without sacrificing your sense of style.

Best Puffer Jackets for Women

It’s time to update your fall and winter wardrobe with one of the best puffer jackets. The cozy winter essential has never truly gone out of style, but it is still holding a prominent position in the outerwear industry. In the past, we probably reached for a puffer to attain a sportier silhouette in our everyday clothing or to wear while participating in outdoor sports. But lately, a puffer coat has evolved into a necessity when leaving the house on chilly days. Fortunately, there are currently solutions for these fluffy, puffy, and plushy big coats that are both stylish and useful.

We’ve built a virtual closet for you to browse with options for various price ranges, sizes, materials, and patterns in order to assist you in choosing the ideal puff. Even the tiny ones and furry ones got a little something. Read on for expert insights and research-backed recommendations for the best puffer jackets for the ultimate winter bundle.

Read on to learn about the best puffer jackets to buy this winter:

Marmot Women’s Ithaca Down Puffer Jacket

A decent puffer jacket needs to be warm, fashionable, and adaptable. Naturally, not all puffers meet every need, but Marmot’s Ithaca does. This item will last you for many years because of its clever design, multi-functional features, high-quality construction, and premium materials.

We emphasized its characteristics because these are what really distinguish it from other puffer coats. A flapped pocket on the left sleeve, two handwarmer pockets on the front, and an inside pocket for your phone, wallet, or cash make up the jacket’s four pockets.

You can modify the appearance of the jacket to match the environment and your personal style thanks to the zip-off hood. The removable faux fur ruff on the hood’s down-filled shell may come in handy when it snows. Speaking of snow, it’s safe to say that this jacket was designed with snow days in mind. To keep out the elements, the wrist cuffs on the sleeves are made of incredibly soft microfleece. The shell is lined with 700-fill-power down, which keeps you warm even on extremely chilly days, and is then finished with a water-resistant finish to protect from light rain.

The jacket’s length is perfect for everyday activities like commuting, running errands, hiking, and traveling because it reaches mid-hip.

Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

Being trapped in the rain, wind, or cold is no longer a concern when you have a high-quality puffer jacket with a hood like this one by Columbia. In subzero temperatures, it offers additional insulation while having no negative effects on head mobility or eyesight.

The connected hood will shield your neck and head, and the moisture- and the water-resistant shell will keep you dry in snow or light rain. The hood and high collar are lined with an incredibly soft fleece fabric for increased warmth and comfort. This hooded puffer’s lack of a faux fur ruff, which could impair your peripheral vision if performance is a concern, is another wonderful feature.

This Columbia hooded jacket’s interior is thermally treated with silver dots to reflect heat back into the wearer’s body. Thumbholes, zip-up hand pockets, and a drop tail hem complete the many elements of this jacket. The warmth of this item is greatly increased by the addition of synthetic insulation to the shell and the combination of these two qualities.

long hooded jackets

Patagonia Women’s Down With it Parka

Both urban dwellers and mountaineers adore Patagonia’s outerwear collections for their excellent performance, fantastic features, and premium materials. The brand’s Down With It parka is your go-to daily alternative when you require additional leg coverage and weather protection.

This coat is cozy. If you’re planning any vacations in cold climates, it is undoubtedly a safe pick because it includes 600-fill recycled duck and goose down and is really lightweight. A hat can be worn behind the detachable three-panel hood because of its slightly loose fit and equally effective insulation.

This jacket has practical side-seam snaps that allow for ventilation and ensure that your movements are unrestricted. The parka has thin fit and really attractive chevron-shaped baffles. Its length is roughly knee-length.

The North Face Women’s Nuptse Short Jacket

The Nuptse cropped puffer jacket from The North Face is a classic example of how form and function can coexist. The jacket fits comfortably and loosely, and it can be worn with thick sweaters, which is unquestionably advantageous. For city people who don’t want to sacrifice warmth for style, it is the perfect outer layer. On days when temperatures plummet, the 700-fill goose down has you covered.

Our favorite feature is the cinch cord, which lets you tighten the hemline to keep heat in or loosen it to give the jacket a cool bomber vibe. Two zippered pockets, a two-way front zip, and adjustable Velcro cuffs are further standout features. Last but not least, we also like the color-block aesthetic that some styles have that is inspired by vintage.

northface women short jacket

Moncler Boed Short Down Jacket

Nobody does outerwear quite like Moncler when it comes to high fashion and high performance. The Italian business is renowned for its fashionable quilted coats. If you want to spend a lot of money on an investment piece and make the ski slopes into your own personal runway, Moncler is the way to go.

This chic short puffer is the picture of classic style. This jacket produces a statuesque profile, something that most bulky puffer coats don’t, thanks to its elastic belted waistband that draws attention to your midsection.

But don’t be fooled—this Moncler stunner is more than just a pretty face. The outer layer of this jacket is constructed of nylon Léger, a strong, lightweight fabric that is filled with down for maximum warmth. The organization never takes shortcuts when it comes to high-end components and finishing.

Removable fake fur trim, elastic cuffs, and two front zipper pockets complete this gorgeous jacket’s features.

Quince Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket

Whether you’re going to the gym, lunch, or the office, this jacket is for when you need an extra layer of warmth. Because this puffer really is that adaptable. The reason? Simple style. It can be worn with just about everything and has a very svelte silhouette, a loose fit, two side pockets, and two side pockets.

However, that does not imply that you will freeze for the sake of appearance. On the contrary, with a temperature rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be confident that this compact, lightweight puffer will keep you warm, stylish, and comfortable.

lightweight down puffer jacket

Obermeyer Calypso Down Jacket

This Obermeyer jacket was designed with the idea of wrapping oneself up in a warm comforter in mind, so if you think it looks like one, you’re right. Warm and fluffy is precisely how it feels. It contains duck and feather filling with a 700-fill power that is responsibly sourced to keep you toasty while you enjoy the slopes. The jacket won’t cause you to become overheated during strenuous skiing sessions because the shell is breathable and water- and stain-resistant.

The detachable rib-knit hem is an outstanding design feature that enables you to expand the length of the jacket and keep the snow at bay on powder days. In addition, there are two zipped hands warmer pockets and a practical tech pocket inside. A cool asymmetrical front closing design that adds an unexpected feature is also something we can’t overlook.

Triple Fat Goose Valenti Women’s Full Length Winter Coat

Three F.A.T (For Arctic Temperatures) In the late 1980s, Goose was established with the single mission “to deliver optimum warmth in the coldest of climes.” The company has a renowned reputation for producing tough, high-performance jackets that tourists wear to the world’s coldest locations after more than 40 years in business.

For this reason, the Valenti winter coat has you (quite literally) covered whether you’re going on your first Antarctica trip or intend to spend the Christmas holidays in Lapland. It will provide complete comfort and maximum warmth regardless of the weather thanks to its 750-fill power of recycled down, two-layer shell, and extra-long hemline. It contains a chest pocket where you may store your belongings and two fleece-lined zippered pockets.

winter coat for women

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka

There’s a good reason why travelers have developed a cult following for this Uniqlo puffer. Due to the high-quality down, which is comparable to the insulation found in jackets with 750 fill powers, it is both light and warm. Whether you’re exploring London or taking the rainy day commute to work, the shell’s water-repellent coating will keep you dry. The hood will shield your head and neck from the elements, while the drop tail hemline guarantees additional coverage in the back. Your phone, tiny digital camera, credit cards, and other items can all fit in the two side pockets.

The stunning hues this puffer comes in are another reason we adore it; lilac, coral, and purple will undoubtedly make you stand out in a sea of black.

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

The puffer delivers on all counts in terms of brilliant colors, warmth, premium fabrics, packability, weight, and sustainability. Cotopaxi’s specialization is creating apparel with comfort and Mother Nature in mind, along with vintage-inspired colors and motifs.

This puffer jacket has 800-fill down that is ethically sourced, water-resistant, and doesn’t appear at all bulky (plus, it only weighs 14 ounces).

It contains all the key components of a top-notch puffer jacket, including an insulated hood, a waist drawcord that can be adjusted for fit, four pockets (it actually folds and fits into one of the inside pockets), and four pockets.

best puffer jackets for women

Final Words

Here we have reviewed the best puffer jackets for women. You can read the reviews to know which one is best for your needs and budget. These puffer jackets are made with the best quality and are good for women looking to stay warm and cozy this winter. All these jackets reviewed in this article are stylish and fashionable. Read the reviews to know which one is best for your budget and needs. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about different fashion tips and tricks and reviews about the best products for men and women.


What is a Puffer Jacket?

The distinctive “puffy” shape of puffer jackets, which is the consequence of their shell being stitched in patterns filled with down or synthetic insulation, gives them their catchy name. Naturally, not every puffer jacket is as big and fluffy. This will depend on the kind and volume of insulation they contain and the tightness of the stitching.

How Should a Puffer Jacket Fit?

The size and silhouette of the puffer jacket and the clothing you’re wearing below all play a role in how well it fits. Sizing is always a key component in choosing your puffer. Layering is fantastic for people on the go, particularly during the winter. I advise a more snug fit for a puffer if you want to wear it as an underlayer. A size bigger if you wear your puffer as an outer layer so that the rest of your clothing fits underneath.

Are Longer or Shorter Puffer Jackets Better?

Because they are more adaptable for daily usage, the majority of the choices on our list are short puffer jackets. However, a mid-length or long puffer jacket will undoubtedly come in handy if you live in a colder area. The length of your sleep—long versus short—makes a significant impact on how warm you feel. I love long open puffers because they may highlight other parts of an outfit. A short puffer is still the most sensible choice, though.

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